I honestly did not think I would be reviewing this book for you all today. I think that is an indication of just how good this book is, I could not put it down!

Scarlet is one tough cookie. A single mother to Jenna and Halle, who put herself through school to become an x-ray technician by cleaning houses for the doctors in her spare time. On the day when it all ends, Scarlet drops her daughters to school, reminding them that their father will be picking them up and goes to work at the hospital. When her day takes a turn for the worst, she heads out to find her girls and take them to Red Hill where they will be safe from the shufflers.

Nathan is miserable. He no longer has a happy marriage, with his wife spending all her time in front of the computer. He only makes it through the day because of his daughter Zoe. On the day the world went to hell, Nathan races to pick up his daughter and discovers his wife has left him. Good timing. As he battles the sick and infected, he makes his way to his brother in law on a mission to find a safe place to continue to raise Zoe.

Miranda, the youngest daughter of Dr. Hayes, is a natural born leader and always looking after her older sister Ashley. On the day it all begins, she is headed with her sister and their boyfriends to her father’s country property, Red Hill, for the weekend. Still twisted up about blaming her father for her parents divorce, they must dodge through the dead ones to make it there alive.

I grabbed this book from the library purely because Jamie McGuire wrote it. I had no idea that she had written a zombie apocalypse novel. She certainly is a master at writing novels with yet another addictive book. I kept finding that I would read more than my goal and when the March TBR challenge came around, it was the perfect excuse not to pick up another book.

McGuire switches between all three protagonists, interconnecting the stories in small ways here and there before they all collide together. Three people, from different walks of life, with different stories coming together with loved ones trying to survive. There is a lot of death in this book, so if you do pick it up based on my review, do not get attached to the characters. They will most likely die. But honestly, it wouldn’t fit the description of an apocalyptic zombie novel if people were not dying everywhere. A very typical zombie storyline, McGuire still managed to show that even during the end of the world, other dangers and monsters take place in the form of perfectly healthy human beings. She shows that there is an ugly side when it comes to survival. I appreciate that. This book leaves you asking question after question and trying to predict what will happen next. Will Scarlet be reunited with her girls? Will Nathan be able to safely raise Zoe? Will Miranda be able to stay strong enough for Ashley? Will they all live? Or will they all die? Will Skeeter McGee make it out alive? (Okay maybe everyone else wont be asking that last question, just me. He was my favourite character.)

In true McGuire style, the characters that are left alive at the end manage to find love and become one big happy family. To me this is a little too coincidental. The epilogue was quite cliché and I was actually waiting for it. I agree with some of the other reviews, it does sound like it is ready made for a television series.

The one thing I had an internal battle with was Scarlet waiting for her girls. On one hand, people kept dying for the possibility that her girls would find her again. On the other hand, as a mother, I get it, I would rather everyone else dye if it meant the slightest possibility that Victoria would live.

Overall it was another great hit! Jamie McGuire has certainly found her calling.

Cai xx

Title: Red Hill

Author: Jamie McGuire

Genre: Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Zombie

Rating: 4/5

Platform : Library Paperback