This week at Babes ’n’ Books, Victoria had an absolute blast! We ended up getting there half an hour earlier, meaning Victoria could win everyone over with her charm. She took a real liking to the lady running the show, Melinda. She had so much fun with the Music and Movement theme. She shook a maraca and wiggled around.

They focused on Music and Movement, as it is an important part of a baby’s development with language etc. There were plenty of songs sung and playing with instruments. The books this week obviously had a musical element to it.


Maisy’s Band was a simple yet effective. Bold colouring in the pictures and simple effective words are perfect for Bub’s story time. The book includes tabs to move the characters while they play their instruments.

Title: Maisy’s Band

Author: Lucy Cousins

Series: Maisy

Genre: Children’s

Picture: Goodreads


Animal Music was similar to Maisy’s Band but with pop-outs instead.

Title: Animal Music

Author: Julia Donaldson

Genre: Children’s

Picture: Goodreads


Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees is an Australian classic! It is a great song that every Australian youngster needs to learn. The idea of it being turned into a book with beautiful illustrations is brilliant. The libraries edition was accompanied with a CD to sing along.

Title: Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees

Author: Bob Brown

Genre: Children’s

Picture: Goodreads


Bom! Went the Bear and Boom Bah! were both centered on drumming which turns out to be something Victoria loves. Not surprising as her Daddy is a drummer and her Aunty has dabbled a bit in it too. Victoria could not stop smiling while lying in my arms and watching Melinda read Boom Bah!

Title: Bom! Went the Bear                            Title: Boom Bah!

Author: Nicki Greenberg                              Author: Phil Cummings

Genre: Children’s

Picture: Goodreads


Doodledum Dancing was a great little book filled with little poems. I love how they selected to showcase this book to show rhythm with words.

Title: Doodledum Dancing

Author: Meredith Constain

Genre: Children’s

Picture: Goodreads

Cai xx