Hilary is afraid of ending up alone after her father passed away when she was young. Marc is afraid of commitment leaving his friends and family thinking that he will never get married. Very slowly Marc makes more and more steps towards giving Hilary what she wants, but he is so use to being solo, it is nothing but frustrating for Hilary. Especially when their friends concoct a fake engagement and proceed to tell others. Then again when Marc says he will commit but doesn’t say when.

This was Hilary Grossman’s memoir written in the style of a novel. I love the fact that she didn’t just give in because that’s what every other woman would do. She didn’t give up when HIS friends and family told her to run. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to stick it out. In a society where when things get hard, we give up, leading to a high divorce rate, this tale was refreshing and rewarding!

I found it hard to keep track of where I was in the timeline of things with the constant flashbacks of memory. It felt discombobulated. I really got confused at times, which just frustrated the hell out of me. Now it might be because I am a tired Mumma who reads her iPad when breastfeeding but I definitely thought that Plan Bea was a novel by far.

I would still recommend reading this book, as Hilary Grossman is a great author. It was interesting to know her story and some of the struggles she has gone through. It adds a different element when you know the authors background, in my opinion.

Cai xx

Title: Dangled Carat

Author: Hilary Grossman

Genre: Memoir, Romance

Rating: 3/5

Platform: Kindle