After spending two very long hours (that I could have been reading!), I have finally finished editing, customising and updating The Bookfeed Blog on here and all forms of social media!

You are probably all “big deal, I can’t see the difference”. SO I will be obnoxious (me? never!) and point out the changes! The format here on the blog is now different and there is now an “about” section. I have hopefully made it easier to find The Bookfeed on all platforms! I have also created a display picture, specifically for the The Bookfeed and applied it to all the platforms.

Everything is now consistent. Which means, the OCD voice can quiet down and stop provoking the Anxiety voice, hopefully leaving the Calm and Happy voices to resume their conversations!

I wonder if my productive Sunday means I can have a lazy Monday?

Hope the Aussie followers have had an awesome weekend and the international followers enjoy the rest of their weekend.

Let me know what you think of the new look in the comment section below!

Cai xx