Furthering my pursuit in positive personal development, I instantly picked up this book after finishing Volume I. Cameron C. Taylor outlines another 8 attributes of successful people; courage, love, master of fundamentals, hardworking, grateful, servant leader, innovator and mission driven. Taylor then applies them to some truly great people such as Irene Sendler (rescued Jewish children during Nazi regime), Paul Allen & Bill Gates (founders of Microsoft), George Washington and Philo T. Farnsworth (invented the television).

The stories of these great achievers were just as empowering and uplifting as those in the first volume. I loved that there was variety, Taylor made examples of different achievers to the first. The examples were more detailed in this volume. The most informative section, in my opinion, was about the servant leader and the comparisons between a humble leader and a pride driven leader.

My only issue was that I felt that there was less of Taylor’s own words in this volume. It was mainly excerpts from sources.

Cai xx

Title: 8 Attributes of Great Achievers Volume II

Author: Cameron C. Taylor

Series: 2/3

Genre: Personal Development, Business, Non-Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Platform: Paperback Book