I was going to buy this ebook until the author offered it to me after reading my review on Risking Ruin. I squealed in delight, so much so that I was practically a teenager all over again.

I am a complete weirdo who has a method of picking the next book to read. I wasn’t suppose to read Borrowing Trouble yet but I couldn’t wait any longer. I just HAD to read it.

Borrowing Trouble picks up exactly where Risking Ruin finished. See my review here: In Borrowing Trouble, Marisa tries to rationalise how fast her and Trip are moving. Especially as Trip can be a bit impetuous and is frequently away for work. She panics and argues with herself in her own mind constantly and to make matters worse, Erica and Josh, the one couple she looks up to, are having marital issues too.

I can’t begin to describe how much I love this book. I can completely relate to Marisa, from the relationship with Bitsy to debating with oneself and over analysing every single tiny detail. Trip makes you fall in love with him again, and again, and again. The story just works so well! Argh! You have to read this series! I laughed most of my way through this book. Every time I sat down to read, I was smiling and laughing at the wit and humour before finishing the first page. Oh and then there was the sexy, saucy scenes!

It also hits you in the feels. Big time. While this book is more emotional than the last as you learn more about the Brannon’s, it is the epilogue that really hits you in the stomach and makes you sob like a baby. Literally, I was sobbing like a baby. I couldn’t wait to finish it, but I didn’t want it to end. At all.

I cannot wait to read more about Mae Wood’s Memphis!

Cai xx

Title: Borrowing Trouble

Author: Mae Wood

Series: Give Me Memphis #2

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, Adult Fiction

Rating: 5/5

Platform: I received this ebook from the author for review