For me, there is nothing better than when I can combine the things I love. So today, when Little Miss let me actually make a hot cup of tea, I thought “YES, tea and a book in my new reading chair! Finally!!!”

But then the crying started. Not just a little whimpering but the full on cry. I should have realised that it was way too good to be true. After trying several different things to calm her down, I sat her in my lap and she shushed. So I decided to read her a story. Something I try to do everyday with her.

Normally when I read to her, I have to give her my finger or hold a dummy in her mouth. This leaves me with one hand to hold the book and turn the pages. It’s not easy but I have mastered it! 

However today she sat up in my lap giving me two hands to use. So instead of using two hands to read the book, I used one hand and drank my tea with the other. 

To quote Charlie Sheen “WINNING”.

I valued this moment. I had my beautiful baby in my arms, reading Beatrix Potter and drinking my tea. Some people focus too much on trying to have all the big things to make them happy. I would much rather small moments like this. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait for more moments like this.

Most of all I cannot wait for Victoria to be big enough to understand it all and enjoy just as much I do. 

Cai xx

Picture is my other beautiful Little Miss, Bonnie Blu on my new reading chair.