Just before Christmas I won a voucher for this book thanks to one of the authors, Tess Woods. This excellent collection of short stories by Australian authors is all about the sun, surf, sand and hot, hot romance.

Six-star Weekend takes place in a high end resort on the Great Barrier Reef, the perfect location to have a summer fling for Sage and Harley. I have been intending to read Carla Caruso books for quite a while now as a friend of mine has recommended her on more than one occasion and I felt she lived up to the recommendation. I definitely cannot wait to read more by her. My only complaint was there was actually very little surfing involved in this one.

I LOVED The Bluff by Maria Lewis. I read this whole book whilst breast feeding, and with this story, I kept praying that Little Miss would just keep feeding quietly so I could finish it in one sitting. I loved the idea of Kitty achieving her long time dream. She not only achieved it, but failed and tried again. It’s not about how many times you fall, its how many times you get back up again. This story was more about surfing than any of the others. I am currently reading an advance copy of her debut novel ‘Who’s Afraid?’.

Song of the Sea takes place in Rio De Janeiro, somewhere I have always wanted to go. It’s about both Miguel and Lexi getting past the thing that is stopping them from achieving what they want… with a huge splash of sun, surf and a bit of romance. I will be keeping an eye out for Alli Sinclair’s novel,’ Luna Tango’.

The final story, Destiny in a Day was my favourite of the four. Tess Woods was the only author that I had previously read. I quite enjoyed ‘Love at First Flight’ and Tess’ writing style so naturally I enjoyed this tale. I had no idea that people surfed in Cornwall, let alone the UK until this story. Gemma and Jake both need to move on and they might just find the ability to do so with each other.

Kudos to all four authors for not definitively giving each couple a happy ever after. This really really annoys me when short stories end with “I met you 24 hours ago but lets be together forever”. It’s very rare that this actually happens in real life so when these authors left it at the possibility of a happily ever after instead of a definite, I was quite pleased.

There was an actual knowledge of surfing that completely surprised me and I ended up wanting to take my phone to the beach and read while watching others surf… Then I remembered I live in Darwin! At the time, it was too wet to sit on the sand and there is no such thing as surf in Darwin unless there is a major storm or cyclone.

If you get a chance to read Hot Stuff, JUST DO IT! Especially you Aussie’s who want to support home grown talent!

Cai xx

Title: Hot Stuff: Surfing Love

Author: Carla Caruso, Maria Lewis, Alli Sinclair, Tess Woods

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance, Summer Reads

Rating: 5/5

Picture: Goodreads